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Dateline: August 23, 2017, from Reader’s Digest

I Tried the Lotion Everyone Claims Cures Insomnia—Here’s What Happened

Indeed, the lotion delivers on its promise. But pay close attention now, because that doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. Lush isn’t actually claiming its product will put you to sleep, keep you asleep, or help you sleep better, but rather that it will please and calm your senses, which will set you up for a sweet and restful slumber.” … (click headline for more)


Dateline: August 23, 2017, from Bel Marra Health

Terminal insomnia: Do you wake up earlier than would like?

Terminal insomnia is a condition where you can fall asleep easily when going to bed, but find yourself waking up much earlier than you want and are unable to fall back asleep. A precise terminal insomnia definition would be when early awakening occurs for three nights or more, waking up more than 30 minutes too early. Terminal insomnia is also sometimes referred to as ‘end of night’ insomnia. .(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 25, 2017, from News 5 Cleveland

Poverty, traumatic incidents contribute to sleep issues in Cleveland kids

According to Jim Spilsbury, Associate Professor in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, there’s a clear connection between trauma and sleeplessness in kids.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 23, 2017, from ABC Online

Treating insomnia with architecture: How a house is helping heal childhood trauma

For 50 of his 61 years, Brett Lockwood has kept odd hours. He rarely sleeps before 3:00am and the slightest human sound can jolt him fully awake. …So when Mr Lockwood and his partner Jennifer started planning house extensions on their California-style bungalow in Brunswick, Melbourne, it was the moment he’d been waiting for. …’Part of it was always my desire to have, for the first time in my life really, a room that was reliably quiet,’ he said.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 24, 2017, from American Sleep Apnea Association

Your weight matters: obesity and sleep apnea

On one hand, carrying the extra weight can lead to breathing problems during sleep. On the other hand, a person with a sleep-breathing disorder that isn’t treated, and who isn’t obese, may begin to gain weight as a result.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 25, 2017, from Sleep Junkies

CBTi–Can you really treat insomnia online?

In recent years, well-controlled studies have been published showing that non-drug treatment for insomnia, in the form of cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia (CBTi), can be highly effective. CBTi may not be new to insomnia veterans who likely encountered it in self-help books on sleep.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 25, 2017, from Duluth News Tribune

Awake for work: Health experts educate businesses on effects of sleep deprivation

Experts tend to agree sleep deprivation can affect performance at the workplace, from impairing judgment, reaction time and vision to prompting aggressive behavior. Sleep deprivation costs U.S. businesses $150 billion a year due to absenteeism, workplace accidents and lost productivity, according to the National Sleep Foundation.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 27, 2017, from St. George News

UHP warns of roadway killer; you can prevent drowsy driving crashes

Utah Department of Public Safety designated the last full week in August as Drowsy Driving Prevention Week in an effort to alert drivers to its dangers and help them avoid drowsy driving.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 25, 2017, from Slate

Trump Is Making Truckers’ Regulation Problems Much Worse

Sleep apnea is particularly problematic for truck drivers—night after night of disrupted sleep leaves them feeling drowsy while driving, increasing the likelihood of fatal accidents. In extreme cases, it can result in narcolepsy-like symptoms where drivers fall asleep at the wheel with little warning. The prevalence of sleep apnea in truck drivers is contested, but some studies suggest higher rates than the general population.(click headline for more)


Dateline: August 27, 2017, from American Sleep Apnea Association

SB 328: Why is the state of California legislating for later bell times?

If SB 328 passes, it will give California the distinction of being the first state in the union to prohibit early bell times for middle and high school students in the public school system. Over the last two decades, individual dozens of towns and cities across the US have been making the change to later school start times. SB 328 would make it a state-level mandate.(click headline for more)

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