Wordless Wednesday: Sign this vet-sponsored petition demanding labor standards that prioritize sleep

Veterans ask the government to prioritize sleep, citing economics

Veterans have a huge stake in the Right to Sleep movement. Many of our military personnel members come home from service overseas with trauma and sleep disorders that the VA fails, or even refuses, to treat. Ultimately it impacts them on the job, just as sleep deprivation does for millions of civilian workers.

The petition below (image snipped from Greater Good, sponsored by the Veterans Site) lays out the statistics on sleep deprivation and the workforce. The authors make a compelling argument: employers who prioritize sleep will reduce costs, and their employees will avoid sleep deprivation.

Click the image to reach and sign the actual petition. It asks the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor to utilize this knowledge, to make sleep a priority and enact new standards that aim to benefit employer and employee alike.


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