Wordless Wednesday || Make sleep “a simple habit” with this meditation app

Could a paid app service like Simple Habit be your best bet for dealing with chronic insomnia?

Simple Habit observation: Even Sharks can be passionate about sleep! And they should be. Entrepreneurs need it if they are to succeed.

simple habit meditation shark tank wordless wednesday sleepyheadcentralVenture capitalist Richard Branson almost put money into this meditation app on the season opener of Shark Tank because its creator, Yunha Kim, sold him on its value in changing lives.

(Meanwhile Mark Cuban took a well-deserved glass of water in the face for his disparaging comments toward her.)

All drama aside, Kim inspired SHC to take a closer look.

SHC feels the price for Simple Habit may be steep for the average user at $8 month/$96 annually. However, for those with significant problems with insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue, the price tag is still much lower than cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) or medications.

How does it compare to that free popular meditation app, Headspace? You tell us… We have not tested either of these apps ourselves but encourage you to take a look and share your feedback.

(Check out these reviews below posted in the iTunes store.)


simple habit meditation shark tank wordless wednesday sleepyheadcentral


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