Wordless Wednesday, Bedtime Stories Edition: Write it all down (dreams, worries, gratitudes)

Don't forget about old school solutions for managing anxiety at bedtime... they work.

The Sleeper Awakes (1910) is a dystopian science fiction novel by H. G. Wells about a man who sleeps for or two centuries, then wakes up to find he is the richest man in the world.

bedtime journal

Keeping a journal at your bed’s side may be an oversimple solution to managing anxiety, but there’s evidence that writing down one’s concerns and nagging thoughts at bedtime has a cathartic effect, meaning it can liberate you from your concerns by “capturing your worries” in print on the page until the morning.

Some people prefer a different approach: write down positive thoughts and gratitudes at night. This gives them some healthy imagery and ideas to ponder as a way to chase away racing thoughts.

Finally, if you’re an avid dreamer, you might want to have a journal on your nightstand for those epic masterpieces you encounter overnight. Dreams can be fun and interesting to interpret, and if you have a regular dream life, it can become one more good reason to get your shut eye!


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