Wordless Wednesday, Bedtime Stories Edition: Catch up on sleep with vacation naps

On your next vacation, make short midday naps part of your schedule.

Who doesn’t pack some light reading for a vacation? It could be your ticket to sneaking in a little shuteye during the day.

Big Island camping

Hookena Beach Camp


Vacation, whether it’s a full two week affair or a quick trip to the beach, provides us many opportunities to catch up on lost sleep.

Why not pack a book, find a place to hide and read during the day? You could also bring a smartphone loaded with relaxing music, comedy podcasts, or sound frequencies designed to help you fall asleep. You may want to invest in cordless headphones, even. Whether it’s poolside, while camping, or hanging out with family in a sunny part of the world, you shouldn’t be timid about indulging in a little extra sleep.

Don’t fear the nap. Make it happen instead. You’ll be surprised at how much your body needs that nap, but isn’t that why you’re on vacation?

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