Wordless Wednesday, Bedtime Stories Edition: A world-renowned sleep researcher’s picture book

Sleep health literacy begins with early exposure to the idea that healthy sleep matters

World renowned sleep researcher Pandi Perumal is reaching out to children to increase awareness of how sleep and health are intertwined in his new book, ALICE IS SLEEPING

Alice is Sleeping by SR Pandi Perumal


SR Pandi-Perumal sleep researcher

SR Pandi Perumal, world renowned sleep researcher and author of Alice is Sleeping

“The author, S.R. Pandi-Perumal was born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. Pandi is well known among the sleep community and is a world-acclaimed sleep researcher…

“The field of sleep and dreams has always been his passion. He has authored/co-authored 200+ scientific publications and edited over 25 high-profile academic volumes, pertaining to the science and value of sleep…

“Drawn to the benefits and significance of the sleep cycle, his personal and professional careers have been involved with advocating/achieving a good night’s slumber…

“Over his decades-long academic career, Pandi is now attempting to reach a wider reading audience. With the publication of his first children’s book, he is dedicated to increasing awareness of how sleep and health are closely related. This book is the result of that aspiration.”

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