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WHAT’S HAPPENING: SLEEP AND THE 4 Ms: Mind, Mental Health, Mood, and Memory

Check out this latest curation of news stories appearing since July 15 which focus on Sleep and the 4 Ms: Mind, Mental Health, Mood, and Memory. Topics discussed in this latest curation include:

  • Poor decision making, judgment, and vigilance as they relate to sleep deprivation
  • Sleep deprivation and politics
  • PTSD and sleep disorders
  • Nightmares in people with other sleep disorders
  • How childhood or long-past trauma can continue to impact sleep
  • The link between TBI and poor sleep
  • Bipolar disorders and circadian rhythms
  • Cancer, poor sleep, and mood disorders
  • Sleep’s impact on the mental health of children, adolescents, and seniors
  • How to sleep when the sky is falling
  • Seasonal affective disorder… in the summer?
  • Using sleep apps to help conquer depression and anxiety
  • The research gap between sleep and emotions
  • Sleep’s impact on memory formation in the mentally ill
  • Memory consolidation during sleep
  • Using electronic nerve stimulation during sleep to assist in memory


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