WHAT’S HAPPENING: Circadian rhythms and sleep

Check out this latest curation of news stories appearing since June 1 which focus on a critical part of the sleeping process: Circadian Rhythms.  Topics discussed in this latest curation include:

  • Circadian rhythm basics, including recent sleep research, light simulation, social interactions influenced by the circadian system, the color of light and its impact on sleep, the rhythms of the blind, the sleep homeostat, the clocks of the brain and the gut, genetics and the circadian system
  • The time cues (“zeitgebers”) that inform our rhythms, such as meals, exercising, managing time zone changes during the Olympics, and sleeping in space
  • Chronotypes (are you a morning lark or a night owl?)
  • Sleep problems like jet lag, shift work disorder, pain “rhythms,” circadian rhythm disruption, intermittent short sleep, breaks in daily melatonin rhythmicity, and the down side of naps
  • Light pollution as a major influence on sleep health
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