Wellness Wednesday: Society and economy pay the price for Australia’s collective lack of sleep

Americans: Take heed of Australia's research on lack of sleep

The price one pays for lack of sleep can be measured in societal and economic costs

lack of sleep

Lack of sleep comes with a pricetag for society, study reveals

From ABC 7 Chicago (June 5, 2018)

“For the first time ever, researchers out of Australia counted the cost of inadequate sleep from the health and safety perspectives, along with losses from decreased productivity in the workplace. …the cost of inadequate sleep in 2016-2017 was an astonishing $45.21 billion. This equates to $6,117 for each person not sleeping enough, in both financial and wellbeing costs. The cost of hospital care, doctors, medications, and tests, alone? That was $1.24 billion, a large chunk of change.”

8 links related to sleep deprivation and the workplace in SHC:

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