Wellness Wednesday: Sleepwalking as criminal defense

History is filled with stories of sleepwalkers committing crimes.

Can sleepwalkers use their sleep disorder as a defense in cases of homicide, or is it more complicated than that?

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Here’s a thoughtful discussion about the complex world that is forensic sleep medicine.

[October 1, 2018 || Crime After Crime]

The Sleepwalking Defense

“In this episode, both John and Danelle brought forward a story where an individual committed a heinous crime and blamed it on a terrifying sleep disorder. Homicidal Somnambulism. They discuss all of the complex workings of using the Sleepwalking Defense and you hear two stories where the criminal walked away unscathed. After hearing these nightmares come to life, we let YOU decide who brought forward the most bizarre story and clue you in to next months episode. “


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