Wellness Wednesday: Harvard studies student athletes with early morning practices

Is that 5am swim practice messing with your circadian rhythms?

Early morning practices are a challenge for phase delayed collegiate athletes who normally don’t get to bed until after midnight. Harvard students want to see how that impacts their sleep health.

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From The Harvard Crimson:
Student Initiative Studies Undergrad Sleep Habits

On the Harvard campus, a student-led initiative led by undergraduates of the Quincy and Adams houses has collected student sleep data from over 7000 nights of sleep.

The Sleep Matters Initiative was founded three years ago under the guidance of three sleep medicine researchers: professor and alum Charles A. Czeisler, Laura K. Barger, and Matthew D. Weaver.

Funded in part by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, the initiative focuses on the sleep patterns of student athletes affected by early morning practices in comparison to those student athletes who are in their off seasons.

Those running the initiative hope to someday expand their observations to include the general student population.

Learn more about the Sleep Matters Initiative

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