Wellness Wednesday: Save your marriage with a sleep divorce

You don't have to have a sleep disorder to suffer from disrupted sleep, if you sleep with someone who does.

The honeymoon doesn’t have to be over because of a few little snores… does it?

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Sometimes the biggest obstacle to a good night’s sleep is your partner’s sleep disorder. Whether it’s restless legs or PLMD, insomnia’s tossing and turning, sleeptalking or other kinds of unusual sleep behaviors, or everyone’s favorite—snoring (and, much of the time, sleep apnea), a bed partner’s disruptive sleep problems can quickly become your own personal nightmare. Maybe a sleep divorce is a solution for you? These women seem to give credence to the idea that couples can stay together even if they sleep apart; in fact, some might save their entire marriage by making this one simple change.

[November 1, 2018 || Loose Women]

Are You Ready for a Sleep Divorce?

“Would you rather sleep in a different bed away from your partner? The panel discuss whether or not they would take a sleep divorce.”

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