Wellness Wednesday: Try this instead of falling asleep to your TV

This may be one of the hardest habits to break for most Americans

Yes, even your television set emits blue spectrum light, making the practice of falling asleep to your TV just as bad for sleep as looking at your phone screen in the dark.

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You can try falling asleep to meditation rather than your TV if you want to improve your sleep hygiene. [Video from Health.com: A Sleep Meditation for a Restful Night]

Is falling asleep to your TV the way you go to bed at night?

“[W]ith all of the ‘blue light’ this and ‘circadian rhythm’ that hitting your newsfeeds, you’ve probably wondered about the effect that snoozing in front of the tube can have on your body and brain. Have you been bathing yourself in so much blue light that your body’s melatonin reserve is as dry as the Sahara? Or, since your brain scrolls through everything you’ve ever done wrong in your life the second your head hits the pillow, is using your TV as a sedative the lesser of two evils? We went to the experts to find out.”

Check out these 8 random links to electronics and sleep hygiene in SHC:

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