Wellness Wednesday: Long-haul trucker Bob Stanton on sleep apnea screening

Should sleep apnea screening among truckers be mandatory?

Trucker Bob Stanton is an outspoken advocate for common-sense regulations regarding the health and well-being of truck drivers and advocates for sleep apnea screening through healthcare channels.

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From NBC News 5 Chicago: Sleep Apnea Screening for Truckers Stirs Debate:

Dave Moss is in charge of safety for a Chicago-based motor carrier and a representative of the Illinois Trucking Association.  He said it’s best to leave screening up to health experts. …’You give the occupational health facility the power to do it or not do it,’ Moss said. ‘It’s up to them. They’re the physicians. They’re the ones doing the physicals. I think they would know best.’”

Check out 12 links to sleep apnea among transportation workers in SHC:

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