Wellness Wednesday: How trauma leads to pain, mental health concerns, and sleep problems

Poor sleep following trauma is its own ongoing hell for victims of violence

Trauma and sleep problems go hand in hand in a culture where violence is common and victims suffer in silence out of fear.

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This free webinar covers topics that are compelling and relevant to so many of today’s social issues. Useful for anyone who has suffered trauma (sexual assault victims, combat veterans, accident victims, people in recovery from heart attacks, witnesses to violent crimes, natural disaster victims, etc.) who is struggling to achieve good sleep.

[March 15, 2018 || SAMHSA]

Science of Sleep: The Intersection of Chronic Pain, Serious Mental Illness, and Trauma on Sleep

“In addition to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, people who experience trauma are at risk of experiencing a range of mental health problems, such as depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, alcohol and substance abuse, disordered eating…and disrupted sleep.”


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