Wellness Wednesday: The genetics of sleep

It turns out that sleep behaviors and patterns can run in families.

Genetics sleep research may be able to explain your insomnia problem.

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Neuroscience has done a world of good for sleep medicine researchers. The brain is becoming less and less of a mystery to scientists, for one thing. This means we are learning more and more about the hardwired process of sleep and the circadian system. Genetics sleep research continues to decode the way we sleep. Scientists have found that specific genes can be held responsible for some measures of sleep passed down from generation to generation.

[October 19, 2018 || Science Friday]

How Genes Determine Our Quality Of Sleep

“In this interview recorded live in Thousand Oaks, California, UCLA associate professor Ketema Paul explains where our genes come into the picture and how they regulate our internal clock, sleep, and wakefulness. Plus, he’ll explain how his own work has found genes outside the brain—in skeletal muscle, of all places—contributing to sleep loss recovery.”

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