Wellness Wednesday: Brain fluid may be key to autism and sleep problems

Sleep problems are common among those with autism spectrum disorder

Measures of fluid around the brain may play a role in early detection of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and may also explain why people with ASD suffer from so many sleep problems.

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People with autism are known to suffer from a wide variety of sleep problems. This podcast discussion relays how the presence and amount of fluid in the brain may be implicated in ASD.

[October 21, 2018 || Autism Science Foundation]

The waterbed around your brain (and its role in sleep)

“This week we have a very special guest: Dr. Mark Shen from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who has been leading the field in understanding the role that the fluid around the brain in autism. This week he expands his research to show that this increase in extra – axial (around the brain) fluid is not limited to those with a family history of autism, and is seen both before and after a diagnosis. This has implications for early detection of ASD, but more interesting, it may help explain why some people with autism have so many sleep issues.”

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