Wellness Wednesday: Addiction and sleep problems: surviving RLS and insomnia while in opiate withdrawal

Among the many unpleasant experiences with detox, restless legs and insomnia may be the worst

This former opiate addict talks about addiction and sleep problems that plagued him during withdrawal, RLS and insomnia, and offers tips for surviving these miserable aspects of detox.

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[November 29, 2018 || Tim Johnson]

Quick Tips to Help Opiate Withdrawal (RLS and Insomnia)!!!!

“Insomnia and restless legs syndrome can last a couple of weeks or even longer in some people. I think depending on your metabolism, depending on the drug you’ve used, depending on the amount of time you’ve used it… all these things will affect it… I’m gonna explain, first of all, what causes it, and I’m gonna give you some tips to ease those symptoms and get through and just share my experience, some things that helped me.”

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