Sleep News Special Report || Drowsy Driving Awareness Edition: We need to stop falling asleep at the wheel

This special supplement covers the increased risks of falling asleep at the wheel falling the fall time change.

Falling asleep at the wheel continues to trend as a major and alarming contributor to fatal vehicle accidents. Learn more with this special supplement focused on drowsy driving as a side effect of the fall time change.


Read what SHC has to say about Drowsy Driving here

Dateline: October 30, 2017 from O’Malley Tunstall PLLC
Night shift workers at heightened risk for drowsy driving

While it is well known that night shift workers are prone to develop heart disease and type 2 diabetes, there is another issue that may be of more immediate concern. Drowsy driving is a safety hazard in North Carolina and across the U.S. This condition, the result of an irregular sleep schedule, puts night shift workers and others on the road at risk even during daytime commutes on the way home.(click headline for more)

Dateline: October 31, 2017 from Huffington Post
Why It’s Hard To Crack Down On Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving could be involved in hundreds of thousands of crashes a year, but states have been slow to step up enforcement or offer police training to detect when a driver hasn’t gotten enough sleep.(click headline for more)

Dateline: October 31, 2017 from My News LA
Drowsy-driving helped kill 13 aboard gambler bus

The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday that the bus driver killed in a Palm Springs freeway crash last year that also took the lives of 12 of his passengers was sleep deprived when the crash occurred.(click headline for more)

Dateline: November edition, Rental Management
The dangers of fatigue and driving drowsy

The Dec. 13 webinar, “Fatigue in the Workplace: Causes, Consequences and Best Practices,” will focus on the dangers of drowsy driving and other fatigue risks.(click headline for more)

Dateline: November 1, 2017 from AutoBlog
Drowsy driving: ‘Many of us are guilty,’ and little has been done to stop it

This year, legislators in New York and Washington state introduced measures that would have made it a felony for a fatigued driver to cause a crash that kills someone. There was a public hearing on the Washington state proposal, but neither bill has passed. …Only two states, Arkansas and New Jersey, have enacted such laws, but meeting the standards for prosecution and conviction is difficult. Arkansas, which considers it negligent homicide, requires that the driver hadn’t slept for 24 consecutive hours and New Jersey, which calls it vehicular homicide, does the same, but sets the time at more than 24 hours(click headline for more)

Dateline: November 1, 2017 from Claims Journal
Daylight Saving Time Can Lead to Driver Fatigue, Crash Risks

Crash risk increases during morning and evening rush hours and from 2-4 a.m. Driving between 2-4 a.m. is particularly dangerous because a person’s circadian rhythm is at its lowest during this timeframe. And when a driver is already sleep-deprived, the desire to sleep during the circadian low is even greater.(click headline for more)

Dateline: November 1, 2017 from Gizborne Herald
Accident was second sleep-deprived crash

A driver whose vehicle crashed in the Waioeka Gorge last November, causing injuries to several members of his family, had fallen asleep at the wheel in similar fashion to a previous incident.(click headline for more)

Dateline: November 1, 2017 from Jalopnik
Drowsy Driving Is Just As Dangerous As Drunk Driving

[W]e as drivers need to learn that it’s not socially acceptable to drive while drowsy. I’ve known people to get in a car even though they’ve just finished telling me how tired they are. Yet, nobody parks a banged up car from a drowsy driving crash in front of the high school just before prom weekend.(click headline for more)

Dateline: November 1, 2017 from Monroe NearSay
How Drowsy Driving Contributes to Accidents & Personal Injury

Fatigue affects the body in much the same way that alcohol does, which essentially makes the act as dangerous as drunk driving.(click headline for more)

Dateline: November 2, 2017 from HJ News
Jury trial cancelled in anticipation of plea in manslaughter case

The Utah High Patrol said its investigation showed Menlove-McGinni had not slept in the 48 hours prior to the crash and had only slept three or four hours in the past 72 hours. …Co-workers who testified against Menlove-McGinni told investigators they were worried about him driving home from work that morning. …One of his co-workers said Menlove-McGinni often went home and played online video games and helped care for children, so it was not unusual for him to go for extended periods without sleep” … (click headline for more)

Dateline: November 2, 2017 from People
Riverdale’s K.J. Apa: What He Learned from His Car Accident—and Why He Takes Full Responsibility for It

Apa, who stars as Archie Andrews on the CW series, fell asleep at the wheel during his almost hour-long drive home, according to The Hollywood Reporter, after working a long day on set. The accident allegedly occurred after midnight outside of Vancouver, Canada, where the series is filmed and regularly shoots into the wee hours of the morning. His vehicle reportedly struck a light pole, destroying the passenger side; it was determined that his car could not be fixed.” … (click headline for more)

Dateline: November 3, 2017 from Ad Age
Wear this hat from Ford, and you won’t fall asleep at the wheel

[SafeCap] looks like a baseball cap, but it’s really a piece of wearable technology that keeps drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.”… (click headline for more)

Dateline: November 3, 2017 from National Sleep Foundation via PRNewswire
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week Slated for November 5-12

A new poll commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) shows that a total of 97% of those polled see drowsy driving as a threat to safety, with more than 68% considering it to be a major threat. Three in 10 Americans did not know how many hours they could be continuously awake and still drive safely.” … (click headline for more)

Dateline: November 3, 2017 from WSET
AAA warns of drowsy driving as time change approaches

A December 2016 report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found drivers who miss between one to two hours of the recommended seven hours of sleep in the 24-hour period nearly double their risk for a crash.(click headline for more)

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