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What is Vitamin Zzz?

Vitamin Zzz is SHC’s latest effort to spread awareness about All Things Sleep: sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep medicine, sleep hygiene, and much more.

After a trial run of poetry and short prose in July, SHC now seeks to dedicate a monthly post to creative literary expression about anything related to sleep and dreams.

Why Vitamin Zzz?

While SHC is a news/curation site, I (the curator) think including art that conveys the value and importance of sleep can be just as inspiring and efficacious, so I want to make sure this effort works for all involved.

This is stepping a bit outside the box of traditional medical advocacy, but that’s precisely why I’m doing it. On a larger scale, we all need better tools for talking about health problems, and literature is one of the best tools to break down barriers. I’ve learned this first hand as a creative writer/editor diagnosed with MS, seeking out illness narratives rather than bland facts and research studies.

As a sleep technologist, I also understand the importance of patient education and health literacy. Simply sharing facts and figures may not be enough to help some of us better understand why we should take our sleep health and habits more seriously. Personal narratives, poems, and short stories can serve as compelling efforts toward that end when traditional information doesn’t work.

Writer’s Guidelines

Writer’s guidelines are cited below and should answer all your questions.

Please allow 3 months’ reply time after submitting work.

If accepted, your work will appear on a digital panel similar to the ones used in the July 2017 feature series; this is intended to preserve line breaks for those works which use them.

SLEEPYHEADCENTRAL seeks submissions for a special “VitaminZzz” series on the topic of “SLEEP” for publication at HTTP://

SHC is looking for flash fiction (under 1000 words), poetry (free verse, formal, prose poems), personal essays (under 2000 words), creative nonfiction (under 2000 words) on sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, sleep habits, dreams… anything directly correlated with the biological process of sleep.

Only the highest quality literary writing should be submitted. This work is intended to be part of SHC’s provocative literary series devoted to a mainstream readership of people interested in sleep health, including people seeking sleep health information, people suffering from sleep problems, and caregivers concerned about the sleep problems of their charges.

SHC is especially interested in insights from either a healthcare worker’s or patient’s perspective, but all perspectives sought: humorous, clinical, personal, spiritual, political, fantastic, familial, experimental.

At this time, SHC cannot pay but hopes to seek grant money in 2018 to fund the project.

Reading period: Work is reviewed on a rolling basis. No deadlines.

Each contributor’s work that is accepted and published will be arranged as a graphic panel rather than as a blog post in order to protect line breaks. The curator is open to other ideas on presentation.


1. Please submit mss in body of email to with “VITAMINZZZ Submission” in the Subject line. No snail mail submissions, no attachments (firm).

2. Submit only 1 (1000-word+) prose submission at a time, or up to 5 poems or 2 flash prose pieces (totaling up to 1000 words) at a time.

3. Previously published work okay as long as you retain rights; simultaneous submissions okay, but do notify SHC if your work is accepted elsewhere.

4. In lieu of an author’s bio, please send a reference to where you live (i.e. John Smith lives in Pennsylvania, or John Smith lives in Reading, PA), any prior publishers SHC will need to credit, and a 25-word personal statement about your relationship with sleep and/or dreams. Please see examples from the early series published in July 2017 for ideas for how to tackle this.

These are complete guidelines. If you have other questions, please send them to with “VITAMINZZZ” in the Subject line.

Tamara Sellman, RPSGT CCSH and Curator/Editor
Your Sleep Health News & Information Clearinghouse