shc VITAMIN ZZZ logoWhat is Vitamin ZZZ?

Vitamin ZZZ is SleepyHeadCENTRAL‘s (SHC‘s) literary effort to spread awareness about All Things Sleep: sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep medicine, sleep hygiene, and much more.

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Autumn 2019: SLEEPOVER
Summer 2019: DREAM TICKET
Spring 2019: FAMILY BED
Winter 2019: 40 WINKS
Autumn 2018: NESTING
Spring 2018: RESET BUTTON
Winter 2018: CLINICAL

Why Vitamin ZZZ?

Including art that conveys the value and importance of sleep can be just as inspiring and efficacious as the curatorial, educational works included at SHC.

On a larger scale, we all need better tools for talking about health problems.  Literature is one of the best tools to break down barriers. Personal narratives, poems, and short stories can serve as compelling efforts toward that end when traditional information doesn’t inspire or motivate.

Why the title Vitamin ZZZ?

Sleep (ZZZ) is considered the third pillar of health, along with healthy diet and exercise. It’s as vital to our well being as the vitamins we take or seek out in the foods we eat.

Writer’s Guidelines

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