VitaminZZZ launches NESTING, a creative exploration of the seasonal idea of hygge

Come inside, take the chill off, and explore the concept of hygge in the SAD season with us!

Time to cozy up for some great reading about sleep!

Introducing Vitamin ZZZ, Autumn 2018 edition, theme “NESTING.” You’ll find odes, narratives, and more on the topic of beds, pillows, sheets, and cots. You’ll also enjoy powerful creative nonfiction and flash fiction exploring dystopian notions of “fouled nests.” But it’s not all dark and stormy: the fall is a season of comfort seeking, and we’ve got some lovely work to celebrate that, as well. Come explore the concept of hygge in the SAD season with us!

Many thanks to Vitamin ZZZ‘s generous contributors: Amy McVay Abbott, Micki Blenkush, Chella Courington, Meriah Crawford, Salvatore Difalco, Leanne Grabel, Patrick Cabello Hansel, Lauren Haynes, Duane L. Herrmann, Beatrice Hogg, Kathleen Hayes Phillips, Lori Romero, Dr. Gerard Sarnat, Marian Shapiro, Anna Weaver, and Marilyn Zelke Windau.

Also, welcome back to writers who previously contributed to the first, second, or third issues of Vitamin ZZZ in 2018: Claire Bateman, Jaclyn Carley, Michael Anthony Istvan Jr, Deonte Osayande, Phyllis Wax, and Vani Alana Winick. A special gratitude goes out to those most stalwart sleep scribes appearing yet again, whose work was published in our original effort in July 2017: Larry Blazek, Marion Cohen, and Lois Marie Harrod.

Please read and share widely. People who have sleep problems, deal with others’ sleep problems, or work in sleep medicine will appreciate it! THANK YOU FOR READING AND SHARING… ENJOY! ~ Curator Tamara Sellman

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