VISIONS OF SUGARPLUMS || How do we sleep with all this holiday cheer upon us???

This month at SHC, you’re going to find lots of discussion about the whats, whens and hows of all that we eat. After all, food and drink can impact our sleep in ways both good and bad. Sleep problems can also be linked to disorders of metabolism and digestion. And let’s not forget that there are some sleep disorders which actually involve eating while asleep. 
You’ll note these posts regarding the shared intersection between food and sleep by the icon posted above, VISIONS OF SUGARPLUMS. It’s an idea borrowed from the classic poem, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” in which children “were nestled all snug in their beds // while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.”

Regardless what traditions you celebrate this holiday season, you’re bound to be actively participating in lots of festivity that includes eating, drinking and late-night merriment, as well as the stress of managing holiday deadlines, enduring the challenges that come with hosting family gatherings, and keeping tabs on the budget. Yes, these things, too, can and do wreak havoc on our ability to get a good night’s sleep at precisely the time when we need it the most. 
Personally, I admire those who can go to bed and fall asleep to visions of sugarplums (whatever those might be…). We don’t live in a society that easily shuts off the day switch for the night switch. But at the same time…
It might be a good thing that I really don’t know what a sugarplum is, or what it tastes like. Being the gourmand that I am, if I knew a sugarplum was absolutely, irresistibly delicious, I would probably find a way to stock them in the pantry, and then I might not be able to fall asleep knowing they were in the house, waiting to be devoured!
Stay tuned as we take on VISIONS OF SUGARPLUMS in December, and keep warm and safe!
–The Curator
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