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Benzodiazepine risks in older people… how the moon affects sleep… afternoon naps sharpen your brain… 3am doomscrolling… coronasomnia… nightmares linked to heart problems… (more)

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  1. Patient Preference and Adherence || January 28, 2021: Are Older People Aware of Potential Risks Related to Benzodiazepines They are Taking and Has Anything Changed in Risk Awareness Over Ten Years?
  2. Better Homes and Gardens || January 27, 2021: Aldi’s sell-out anti-snore pillow is back
  3. CNN Health || January 27, 2021: Anxiety Robbing Your Sleep? A Weighted Blanket May Help
  4. The Guardian || January 27, 2021: Lunar cycle has distinct effect on sleep, study suggests
  5. Medscape || January 26, 2021: Snoring Tied to Vascular Remodeling in Overweight, Obese Adults Without Apnea
  6. BMJ || January 25, 2021: Afternoon napping linked to better mental agility
  7. Romper || January 25, 2021: Yeah, We Gotta Talk About “Exploding Head Syndrome” During Pregnancy
  8. Slate Stern Law || January 25, 2021: What Should I Do After a Drowsy Driving Accident?
  9. Sleep Review || January 25, 2021: How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted CPAP Use?
  10. Today || January 25, 2021: 8 best light therapy lamps for every budget in 2021
  11. C|Net || January 24, 2021: Sleep aids: Natural vs. over-the-counter vs. prescription pills
  12. Independent || January 24, 2021: TBH: A bath, a peaceful environment and a doomscroll until 3 am. Ciara O’Connor’s sleep routine
  13. Popular Science || January 24, 2021: Can a happy lamp help cure your winter blues?
  14. American Journal of Managed Care || January 23, 2021: How CPAP Masks Impact Adherence, Sleepiness in Long-Term Users
  15. American Association of Sleep Technologists || January 22, 2021: Recent Sleep Apnea News, Winter 2021
  16. CHEST Physician || January 22, 2021: Coronasomnia: Pervasive sleeplessness, self-medicating raise concerns of sleep experts
  17. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne || January 22, 2021: MRI helps unravel the mysteries of sleep
  18. Ohio State University || January 22, 2021: Lack of sleep, stress can lead to symptoms resembling concussion
  19. Pharmacy Times || January 22, 2021: Study Links Nightmares with Anxiety, Insomnia in Heart Patients
  20. Psychology Today || January 22, 2021: Why Do We Sleep? New research shows that the need to sleep is so ancient that it preceded brains
  21. Quick and Dirty Tips || January 22, 2021: Parasomnias: 6 Truly Creepy Things that Can Happen While You Sleep
  22. Tech Republic || January 22, 2021: Best sleep gadgets of 2021: Drift away with smart sleeping masks, white noise machines, and more
  23. The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee || January 21, 2021: Study suggests coffee temporarily counteracts effect of sleep loss on cognitive function
  24. Psychiatry Advisor || January 21, 2021: Studies of Childhood Insomnia Lack Diversity, Outcomes for Families, and Non-Sleep Phenotypes
  25. Sleep Review || January 21, 2021: ‘I’m a Neuroscientist, and This Is Exactly How Alcohol Ruins Your Sleep’
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  1. Great source info. I am an insomniac, and it makes my life a living hell when it comes to fulfilling my life goals

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