Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, October 8 – October 15, 2020

Poor sleep and loneliness… 1/3 Americans lose sleep on election night… man’s sexsomnia defense fails… circadian rhythm disorders… (more)

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Links ranked newest to oldest
  1. American Academy of Sleep Medicine || October 14, 2020: Nearly One in Three Americans Sacrifice Sleep on Election Night
    REM-y prediction: “I bet we’ll see nearly 100 percent losing sleep November 3rd, 2020…”
  2. The Daily Mail || October 14, 2020: Stevie Nicks reveals her insomnia has become so bad she doesn’t go to sleep until 8am and ‘needs therapy’
  3. Mic || October 13, 2020: Can melatonin and valerian root actually help you sleep?
  4. The New York Times || October 10, 2020: Rest Better With Light Exercises
  5. Vancouver Sun || October 10, 2020: Vancouver man whose ‘sexsomnia’ defence failed gets two years less a day
  6. American Association of Sleep Technologists || October 9, 2020: Recent Circadian Rhythm News, October 2020
  7. EMS 1 || October 9, 2020: Tactical napping: An EMS bedtime story: What public safety can learn from the U.S. Army’s doctrine on readiness
  8. Clinical Respiratory Journal || October 9, 2020: Effects of smokıng on patıents wıth obstructıve sleep apnea syndrome
  9. Psychology Today || October 8, 2020: Poor Sleep and Loneliness: A Vicious Cycle?
  10. Jewish Herald-Voice  || October 8, 2020: Having Bizarre Dreams During The Pandemic? You’re Not Alone


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