Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, October 22 – October 29, 2020

Spooky sleep movies and the science behind them… Grimes’ AI Lullaby… should you awaken a sleepwalker? … (more)

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  1. The Sleep Doctor || October 29, 2020: The Real Sleep Science Behind Some of My Favorite Spooky Sleep Movies (Just in Time for Halloween!)
  2. Rolling Stone || October 28, 2020: Grimes Will Put You to Sleep With ‘AI Lullaby’
  3. Psychiatry Advisor || October 27, 2020: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Also Yields Improvement in Depression, Anxiety Symptoms
  4. Sleep Review || October 27, 2020: School Is Back in Session. For Once, Teens Can Get Enough Sleep. (Editor’s Message)
  5. Sleep Review || October 26, 2020: When Does ‘I’m Tired’ Suggest Narcolepsy?
  6. Snopes || October 24, 2020: Should You Avoid Waking a Sleepwalker?
  7. American Association of Sleep Technologists || October 23, 2020: Recent Sleep Apnea News, October 2020
  8. CDL Life || October 23, 2020: Drowsy driving results in fatal head-on collision between big rig, car
  9. Ladders || October 23, 2020: I did a guided meditation every night for a week and it changed my quality of sleep
  10. Psychology Today || October 22, 2020: Why Sleep Paralysis Happens (and How to Prevent It)
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