Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, May 14-21, 2020

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Links ranked in chronological order

  1. American Association of Sleep Technologists || May 21, 2020: Sleep Technologist Designs “Ear Savers” to Help Ease Pain of Masks for Healthcare Workers
  2. Sleep Review || May 21, 2020: Why Is It So Hard to Wake Up on a Cold Morning? Fruit Fly Study Provides Clues
  3. American Association of Sleep Technologists || May 18, 2020: Caffeine and Sleep: A Virtual Coffee Break With Sleep Experts
  4. The New York Times || May 18, 2020: Parents Are Relying on Melatonin to Help Their Kids Sleep. Should They?
  5. The New Daily || May 17, 2020: Tough cure for insomnia: Patients woken up every 20 minutes
  6. American Association of Sleep Technologists || May 15, 2020: Recent Sleep Apnea News, May 2020
  7. CBS Local Detroit || May 15, 2020: Americans Getting 16.4 Hours More Sleep Amid Stay-At-Home Order
  8. CNRS || May 15, 2020: The dreaming brain tunes out the outside world
  9. NPR || May 14, 2020: How To Maintain Healthy Sleep And Manage Anxiety During The Pandemic
  10. The Sleep Doctor || May 14, 2020: The Power Of Cooling On Sleep And A Racing Mind


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