Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, Apr 30-May 7, 2020

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Links ranked in chronological order

  1. Flinders University || May 7, 2020: ‘Loss of pleasure’ found in teen sleep study–But easy interventions can improve mental health
  2. Fierce Healthcare || May 6, 2020: Fitbit aims to be like ‘check engine light’ on your wrist, co-founder says upon launch of heart study
  3. Sleep Review || May 5, 2020: Classical Music During Lectures, Then Sleep, Improves Test Scores
  4. American Association of Sleep Technologists || May 4, 2020: Trouble Wearing CPAP? (Common Problems, Causes and Solutions)
  5. Sleep Review || May 4, 2020: NFL Players Diagnosed with CTE May Actually Have Sleep Apnea Or Other Treatable Disorders
  6. Center for Environmental Therapeutics || May 3, 2020: I use a light box on my desk at work all day during the fall and winter months. Should I limit the amount of time I keep it on?
  7. American Association of Sleep Technologists || May 1, 2020: Recent Circadian Rhythm News, May 2020
  8. American Association of Sleep Technologists || May 1, 2020: Stages of Sleep: NREM Sleep vs REM Sleep
  9. Forbes || April 30, 2020: 6 Companies Volunteering Their 3D Printing Tech To Protect Medical Workers And COVID-19 Patients
  10. Johns Hopkins || April 30, 2020: Persistent and Worsening Insomnia May Predict Persistent Depression in Older Adults
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