Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, June 18 – June 25, 2020

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Links ranked in chronological order

  1. American Association of Sleep Technologists || June 24, 2020: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome May Be Linked
  2. Arizona State University || June 23, 2020: Bedtime media use linked to less sleep in children who struggle to self-regulate behavior
  3. The Sleep Doctor || June 23, 2020: 5 Ways to Sleep Better When Your Daily “Routine” has Disappeared
  4. American Academy of Sleep Medicine || June 22, 2020: AASM invites public comment on the draft guideline for treatment of central disorders of hypersomnolence
  5. American Association of Sleep Technologists || June 19, 2020: Recent Sleep Apnea News, June 2020
  6. Rolling Stone || June 19, 2020: There’s No Hack For Better Sleep; Honestly, You Just Need a New Pillow
  7. Electronics 360 || June 18, 2020: Scientists isolate narrow band of blue light that disrupts circadian rhythms
  8. Psychology Today || June 18, 2020: How “Slow Waves” Flow Between Brain Hemispheres During Sleep
  9. Scientific American || June 18, 2020: Sleep Hygiene Doesn’t Cure Insomnia—Do This Instead
  10. USA Today || June 18, 2020: Does lucid dreaming work? How I tried to fix bad dreams brought on by the coronavirus age


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