Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, July 2 – 9, 2020

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Links ranked in chronological order

  1. Neurology Today || July 9, 2020: Sleep Neurologists Call It ‘COVID-Somnia’—Increased Sleep Disturbances Linked to the Pandemic
  2. Buzzfeed || July 8, 2020: It’s Official: You Can Finally Fall Asleep To Harry Styles’ Dreamy, Smooth Voice
  3. National Institutes of Health || July 8, 2020: Outdoor light linked with teens’ sleep and mental health
  4. American Association of Sleep Technologists || July 6, 2020: Sleep Disturbances Associated With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  5. Journal of the American Medical Association || July 6, 2020: Association of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep With Mortality in Middle-aged and Older Adults
  6. Sleep Review || July 6, 2020: Why Evaluating Daytime Sleepiness in Children is Essential
  7. The Sleep Doctor || July 4, 2020: Catching Up On Sleep: How to Pay Off Your ‘Sleep Debt’ (and Why It’s a Big Deal)
  8. American Association of Sleep Technologists || July 3, 2020: Recent Sleep Disorder News, June 2020
  9. American Association of Sleep Technologists || July 2, 2020: Support Groups in Sleep Disorders Medicine
  10. Physician’s Weekly || July 2, 2020: Cannabinoid therapies in the management of sleep disorders: A systematic review of preclinical and clinical studies.


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