Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, Aug 15-21

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Links ranked in chronological order
  1. Reuters || August 19, 2019: Sleep quality may be linked with success during military basic training #vets #military #PTSD
  2. Dayton Daily News || August 18, 2019: School mornings start early despite medical advice to let kids sleep #startschoollater #circadian
  3. Forbes || August 18, 2019: 3 Essential Tactics For Conquering Sleep Deprivation And Burnout #workplace #sleepdeprivation
  4. The Signal || August 18, 2019: Scientists hope dreams lead to discovery #dreams #nightmares #sleepparalysis
  5. Metro || August 17, 2019: Everything to know about the ‘gender sleep gap’ #sleep #gender #women
  6. ABC Radio Brisbane || August 16, 2019: Why we do silly things when we’re sleep deprived #sleepdeprivation
  7. Endocrine Today || August 16, 2019: Type 2 diabetes worsens sleep-related disturbances in menopause #diabetes #menopause #women
  8. The Guardian || August 16, 2019: Rolled over: why did married couples stop sleeping in twin beds? #sleephygiene
  9. Sleep || August 16, 2019: Economic Aspects of Insomnia Medication Treatment Among Medicare Beneficiaries #insomnia #sleepaids #medicare
  10. TIME || August 15, 2019: Panel Dismisses U.S. Government Appeal, Rules Soap and Sleep Are Essential for Detained Migrant Kids #therighttosleep #humanrights #sleepdeprivation #sleephygiene

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