Top 10 Sleep News & Info Links, Aug 1-7

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  1. Science News || Aug 7, 2019: Optimistic people sleep better, longer, study finds #sleep
  2. Sleep Review || Aug 6, 2019: How Do Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotine Impact Sleep in an African-American Cohort? #sleephygiene #sleep
  3. Sleep Review || Aug 6, 2019: Patients Taking Cannabinol for Sleep Could Fail Drug Tests for Marijuana #sleephygiene #workplace #insomnia
  4. Frontiers in Immunology || Aug 6, 2019: Fatigue, Sleep, and Autoimmune and Related Disorders #fatigue #chronic
  5. Education Week || Aug 5, 2019: High School Naps May Boost Learning for Sleep-Deprived Teenagers #SSL #sleephygiene
  6. Newsweek || Aug 5, 2019: Breastfeeding and Baby Sleep: How Breast Milk May Help Set a Newborn’s Body Clock #circadian
  7. The Columbian || Aug 4, 2019: Trucking industry weighs sleep apnea issue #drowsydriving #sleepapnea #sleepdisorders
  8. The New Daily || Aug 2, 2019: Keeping shift workers alert on the job: New study finds how to predict a person’s body clock #workplace #fatigue #circadian
  9. Philly Voice || Aug 2, 2019: Philly ranked worst city in the United States for sleep health #sleephygiene
  10. LAist || Aug 1, 2019: It’s (Still) Against The Law To Sleep In Your Car In LA #righttosleep


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