Theater of the sleepy mind: our 4 Ms video and podcast roundup

Mind, Mood, Memory and Mental Health meets sleep in this fascinating curation of videos and podcasts.

Without sleep, we can struggle with memory and learning, mood stability, executive function, and mental processing. These podcasts and videos capture the strange landscape of the brain and mind under the influence of sleep deprivation.

April is 4M month, honoring the ways that sleep can either curse or benefit mental health, mind and intellect, mood, and memory.

Here is  a sampling of topics in audio or video format that cover everything from sleep deprivation to night terrors, Parkinsonism to mood swings, epilepsy to PTSD, attention deficit to autism, and much more.


JAN 31: Doctor Steven Park
Why You Can’t Think If You Can’t Sleep [Podcast 33]


JAN 16: Alice Dickerson
Sleep disorder interview REM/screaming in sleep/night terrors

OCT 19, 2016: Doctor Steven Park
How Sleep Apnea Can Cause Anxiety [Podcast 30]



APR 9: A Mindful Way
Mindfulness and sleep: A doctor’s perspective
(includes transcript)

Brain damage in children with sleep apnea

APR 6: Mercola
Sleep Apnea in Children Linked to Detrimental Brain Changes

2014: Curiosity
Sleep Helps Your Brain Forget Unnecessary Memories



MAR 24: Live in the D
Brain Life Center: Improve your sleep, focus, anxiety, etc.


MAR 21: Michael J. Fox Foundation
Ask the MD: Sleep Disturbances and Parkinson’s Disease


MAR 20: Methodist Health System
What is pink noise and can it help you sleep?


MAR 13: Jeremiah Labendia
Sleep Disorder and Critical Thinking


JAN 3: Dr. Kristin Marvin
Medication-free help for better sleep


AUG 30, 2016: Bryan Baker
EPILEPSY CONTROL – Seizures and Sleep pt.1

SEP 13, 2016: Bryan Baker
EPILEPSY CONTROL – Seizures and Sleep pt.2


JUL 15, 2016: Wochit News
Link Found Between PTSD in Veterans and Sleep Disorders


JUN 13, 2016: Lee Memorial Marketing
Sleep disorders or ADHD


MAY 9, 2016: Tim Bean
REM Sleep and Memory


MAY 5, 2016: Cleveland Clinic
Sleep Issues in Individuals with Autism: Case Studies


APR 12, 2016: J-D Robertson
How to get to sleep faster and eliminate racing thoughts at night


NOV 12, 2015: TED-Ed
What would happen if you didn’t sleep?


NOV 8, 2015: Oic Psychology
Is Sleep Deprivation Linked to Depression/Anxiety?

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