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The Sleep Deprivation of Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump portrait

“Donald Trump” || Painted portrait by Thierry Eehrmann from Saint Romain au Mont d’Or, France, Europe || CC BY 2.0

SHC is just the messenger…

…but keep in mind, this curation resource is not without its biases, and any public figure known for “waging a war on napping” is fair game for discussions about sleep deprivation in the workplace. That said, here’s a year (or so) worth of links (newest to oldest) discussing Trump’s proclivity for “short sleep.”

*Short sleeper (from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine):

“Most adults need 7 or more hours of sleep per night and are unable to function well after less than 6 hours of nightly sleep. But a small percentage of adults are short sleepers. They regularly feel alert and refreshed after sleeping less than 6 hours per night. … Studies suggest that short sleepers may have a gene mutation that enables them to function well on less than 6 hours of nightly sleep.”


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