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Vitamin ZZZ seeks creative writing on sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, sleep habits, dreams… anything directly correlated with the human process of sleep.

Announcing our final theme for 2019 (publishing in November):


This could range from kids slumber parties to sleeping in other people’s beds to sleeping while traveling or, really, any extension of the theme where one finds themselves in circumstances in which they are sleeping elsewhere or with others (perhaps unexpectedly).

All perspectives welcomed: humorous, clinical, personal, spiritual, political, fantastic, familial, experimental, confessional. The voices of healthcare workers and patients are especially desired.

Writing should explore SLEEP, i.e.:

personal experiences with diagnosed sleep disorders 

(sleepwalking, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm problems, daytime sleepiness, shift work disorder, jet lag, insomnia, etc.)

people experiencing unexplained/undiagnosed sleep problems or sleep deprivation

caregivers concerned about the sleep health of their patients or loved ones

HINT! We can always use more prose poems, flash fiction, personal essays, and creative nonfiction. Topics we especially like: sleep problems related to a comorbid condition (Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental health concerns, chronic pain, obesity, etc.) or to other obligations that force one to choose between sleep and other activities (such as school, job, athletics, parenting, etc.).

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