Sleeping is Fundamental in July

Dog Days means the curator switches gears, but you still get great content on the theme "Sleeping is Fundamental"

July is a great month to get back to basics, keep content easy and enjoyable. Celebrate Dog Days!

Welcome to Dog Days!

July is traditionally a time for the SHC curator to do some behind-the-scenes work at the blog. After all, there’s only one curator, and she wears many hats, including curation, webmastery, digital janitor, solo brainstorm wrangler and chief coffee cup washer.

What’s up in July

But that doesn’t mean readers of SHC lose out on content!

  • There’s one special feature you’ll see next Sunday which is a special “sekrit projekt” that will unveil live here and via links in social media. You’ll not want to miss that!
  • July will reintroduce and reinvigorate the ABCs of Sleep series started (but not finished) in 2014, and this time it will continue past the letter H!
  • Readers will also receive their weekly Monday Morning Coffee curation because SHC is nothing without its smart news feed. Other regular features include the monthly In Case You Missed it, remapping last month’s topic, Drowsy Driving, in quick links, and a News Drip at the end of the month which highlights new content found in July on the same topic.
  • Wordless Wednesdays will shine a light on diagrams and charts that illustrate sleep health and sleep disorder basicsĀ Vitamin Zzz Troubled Sleep snip
  • Finally, this month SHC installs a new feature entitled Vitamin Zzz, a series of literary writings from poets and storytellers all about the challenges (and, sometimes, rewards) of good sleep. With enough interest, Vitamin Zzz may become a regular feature, so if you like what you see there, share it in social media, drop us a comment or a like!

Enjoy your Dog Days of Summer and sleep well!

~Tamara Sellman, Curator

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