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SHC has already published some useful content on the subject of consumer sleep products which goes back as far as September 2014. 

Please scroll down to this custom archive of 9 previous posts to find links related to aromatherapy, baby products, books, CPAP products, electronics, nightstand products and supplements which may also be of special interest to you and your loved ones.

APR 20, 2015 || A natural approach to achieving PAP mask comfort
CPAP products

MAR 11, 2015 || Want a great one-stop resource for sleep health problems? Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day: A Doctor’s Guide to Solving Your Sleep Problems by Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg (DO, FCCP)

FEB 28, 2015 || Life After Sleep, by Mark Brand, “Hypermodern Edition” , high-quality, signed limited edition handmade book with an intriguing story about living without sleep


DEC 21, 2014 || Pacific Touch Beauty lavender products and Silky Eye Mask “power nap” eye mask
Aromatherapy & Nightstand products

NOV 10, 2014 || Teens can benefit from “happy lights”

OCT 26, 2014 || Monster Cuff banishes the things that go bump in the night
Baby products

SEPT 30, 2015 || The Way We Sleep [an anthology of short stories, interviews, and comics all dealing with the way we sleep]

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