‘Sleep out’ to raise funds to help provide beds, education, and hope for homeless youth

Everyone has the Right to Sleep... even homeless teens

Convenant House Sleep Outs can help with our burgeoning homelessness problem

sleep out right to sleep homeless youth covenant houseThe Covenant House Sleep Out® is an ongoing international movement which addresses the growing problem of homelessness among our young people. To participate, individuals accept the challenge of sleeping outside for just one night to:

  • help raise awareness of homelessness among young people
  • raise funds for safe shelter and support networks, which include housing, job training, beds, education, and hope

Sleep Outs have been established across 30 cities in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Millions of young people sleep on the streets every single night due to problems such as economics, abuse, addiction, and mental illness.

SHC strongly supports the Covenant House’s program to protect the human Right to Sleep. Everybody, if they can get a good night’s sleep, can practically conquer any challenge sent their way.

From the Sleep Out website: “Whether you join a Sleep Out at a Covenant House site, Sleep Out on your own, or start a Sleep Out with your friends and family, colleagues or neighbors, you inspire entire communities to step up and protect kids.”

Please consider participating if there’s one in your neighborhood! There are several Sleep Outs scheduled for mid- to late April:

APRIL 19 (6pm to 9am) – Sleep Out: Real Estate Edition Houston
APRIL 20 (8pm to 8am) – Sleep Out: Women Unite – Atlantic City
APRIL 27 (7pm to 7am) – 2018 Sleep Out: Women Unite Philadelphia
APRIL 27 (7pm to 7am) – Sleep Out: Women Unite in New York City
APRIL 27 (7pm to 7am) – Sleep Out: Women Unite – Newark


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