Sleep News Weekly || Nov 3, 2017: Best sleeping airports, Daylight Savings Time, fatigued NBA ballers, more

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Drug for hypersomnia among CPAP users shows promise; circadian rhythms suggest surgery should take place in the afternoon and not the morning; lost sleep could mean lost spirituality; here comes Daylight Savings Time; and more about how America (and the world) sleeps.

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Dateline: October 27, 2017 from Forbes (Asia)

Asia Has The World’s Best Airports For Sleeping—Here’s Why

[T]he 2017 online passenger survey by heavily cited website,, gives Asian airports five of the top 10 spots for sleep-ability.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 27, 2017 from Burlington Free Press (Vermont)

UVM Medical Center’s sleep program has wait list of 515 patients

Greater awareness of sleep disorders is causing more people to seek treatment, says Ray Paquette, owner of Vermont Medical Sleep Disorder.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: October 30, 2017 from MD Magazine

The Sleep Apnea Problem for Truck Drivers

An American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) survey of more than 800 commercial drivers previously reported that about 85% tested for OSA were diagnosed with the condition. Over 70% of these tested participants were referred by a primary doctor, and over 38% were diagnosed with moderate OSA.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 1, 2017 from The Scotsman

Book review: Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams, by Matthew Walker

…Walker’s suggestions for how society and government and educational establishments might change their attitude to sleep are laudable.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 30, 2017 from

Daylight Saving Time 2017—Night Shift Nurse Problems

Interestingly, although we’ve had DST for decades, there still doesn’t seem to be a consensus on exactly how to handle it at hospitals.  And for night shift nurses, the change can be very disruptive to their lives and patient care.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 30, 2017 from Broadway World

New Guide Shows How Sleep Revitalizes the Soul

Dita Wegman gives testament based on natural law, that the true value and beneficial nature of sleep has been forgotten. …Wegman asserts that sleep provides more than just physical and mental nourishment, but also provides spiritual and soul revitalization. Now, she explores the interplay between sleep, dreams and the soul in Treasures of Sleep: Connect with the Universe and Nourish Your Soul. It covers what the soul gathers from the cosmos and why we must sleep.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 28, 2017 from

Haruki Murakami’s ‘Sleep’ conjures terror in Philly premiere, heads to BAM Next Wave Fest

The play’s main character, known only as Woman, is at the mercy of unseen forces that are never explained and that have no point of reference with any mythology I know of. She has a spell cast upon her by a night specter, one that in this staging is violent, but with seemingly benign after-effects: She has no urge to sleep, and as we meet her on day 17, she acquires an awareness that’s strangely superior to the repetitive, mundane world around her.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 1, 2017 from ESPN

Schedule alert! Every game tired teams should lose this month

Royer noted that regardless of the NBA’s schedule changes, the issue is an NBA culture—one that he has witnessed firsthand—in which teams don’t have a protocol for what is healthy for sleep.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 1, 2017 from The New York Times

Heart Surgery May Be Safer in Afternoon Than in Morning

The genetic mechanisms that protect tissue under stress function differently in the morning and the afternoon—in all organs, not just the heart—and the authors believe that these circadian variations account for their findings.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 27, 2017 from Post-Bulletin

Rochester students could get a little more sleep, thanks to bus sharing

Students could get an extra hour of sleep in the morning, as soon as the 2019-20 school year because of a potential partnership between Rochester Public Schools and the city. A bus-sharing proposal would allow middle and high school students to take city buses to school, decreasing costs for RPS and boosting ridership for Rochester Public Transportation.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: October 30, 2017 from CHEST via MedPageToday

Experimental Alertness Drug Improves OSA Sleepiness: Efficacy and side effects were dose-dependent

The investigational sleep drug solriamfetol showed efficacy for promoting wakefulness and reducing daytime sleepiness in obstructive sleep apnea patients with excessive sleepiness despite OSA treatment, researchers reported here.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 2, 2017 from MedicalXpress

Novel technology ties brain circuits to alertness

With this brainwide dragnet, [Karl Deisseroth, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and professor of bioengineering, psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford] and his associates were able to determine the identities of several distinct neuronal circuits not previously suspected to be associated with alertness.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 30, 2017 from Foster’s Daily Democrat

Homeless lose tents, belongings in storm

Shaffer said his tent was ‘literally a foot underwater’ Monday morning due to the storm, causing unknown damage to most of his belongings. He was only able to stuff his clothing into a backpack before his tent started to flood, and he was forced to leave behind food, fishing equipment, lawn tools to maintain his site, a portable grill, a bike, and a new futon he bought so he no longer had to sleep on the ground. …’I don’t have anywhere (to go),’ said Shaffer.(click headline for more)



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