Sleep News Weekly || Nov 17, 2017: Hotel-based sleep studies, racism and sleep, Jo Koy’s sleep apnea and more

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Dark weather brings out the S.A.D., perfectionists are more likely to become insomniacs, why parents fear later school bell times, melatonin can help with autism, a look at racism and sleep, and more about how America (and the world) sleeps.

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Dateline: November 13, 2017 from South China Morning Post (China)

How Chinese children are at higher risk of obesity from lack of sleep and late bedtimes

Less sleep causes an appetite imbalance, which causes us to overeat. In China, cultural influences including long hours of study, less exercise and later bedtimes, mean that Chinese children are more at risk than Western kids.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 15, 2017 from KSAT (San Antonio, TX)

Local hotel houses sleep lab for University Health System

‘We’ve been doing sleep studies in the hotel for about two years,’ Dr. Karen Hentschel-Franks said. …Hentschel-Franks specializes in pediatric sleep medicine with the University Health System. She said the hotel setting helps calm the nerves of children who undergo a sleep study. Eight sleep studies are scheduled a night: Two for children, four others for adults.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: November 11`, 2017 from Newsday

Cuomo signs legislation aiding veterans with PTSD

PTSD often involves a patient suffering from flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia and numbing after experiencing a traumatic stress event. Virtually every state in the nation with a medical marijuana program allows for the treatment of PTSD.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 13, 2017 from Renton Reporter

Don’t give in to the pressure of driving drowsy

Mora Shaw: “The driver that fell asleep at the wheel of the car I was riding in told me just last year that she “got over” the accident years ago and has moved on with her life. But my damaged body, brain, and spirit will never get over it. Every single day, my aches and pains remind me of that driver’s poor decision to drive a car when she had not slept for almost 24 hours.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 10, 2017 from Sleep Number Blog

How sleep can help you get along with your boss

In a study published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, researchers from Indiana University and the University of Washington found that sleep quantity might affect how well employees get along with their superiors.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 13, 2017 from Animation World Network

‘Inzomnia’ First Stop-Motion Feature to be Produced in Mexico

Directed by Luis Tellez and produced by former Mexican Cinematheque director Paula Astorga and Milko Luis, Inzomnia follows 10-year old Camila in her quest to rescue her parents and the rest of the city’s inhabitants from the yoke of a ruthless businessman who has converted them all into automatons via an insomnia pill. Camila is immune to the effects of the pill that keeps everyone else awake and at work.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 11, 2017 from KUNC

Scientists Start To Tease Out The Subtler Ways Racism Hurts Health

Other studies have found associations between racist experiences and things like sleep problems or even asthma. Researchers like [Amani] Nuru-Jeter hypothesize that the stress of repeatedly being singled out as the other can be biologically damaging and might be responsible, in part, for health disparities in America, like the gap in life expectancy between black and white Americans.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 11, 2017 from Wake Up Narcolepsy

Amanda Burns Runs For WUN In The 2018 Boston Marathon

Amanda Burns: “This race for me means shouting from the highest mountain, I have a daughter with Narcolepsy, and I will not let it defeat who she is, what she can do, or where she will go in life!(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 10, 2017 from Spectrum News

Melatonin gains momentum as sleep aid for people with autism

Most people with autism have problems falling and staying asleep. And poor sleep can exacerbate behavioral problems, leaving these individuals — and their families — exhausted.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 12, 2017 from The Atlantic

Why Are Parents Afraid of Later School Start Times?

The authors argue that it isn’t enough to simply offer scientific evidence of the advantages of later start times. Relying on the science, the paper states, ‘assumes that district officials and stakeholders engage in a rational decision-making process’; factors like ‘common biases’ and ‘mental shortcuts’ often get in the way.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: November 15, 2017 from Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Perfectionism and Polysomnography-Determined Markers of Poor Sleep

The total Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale score was significantly associated with the number of nocturnal awakenings in the first sleep laboratory night.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 10, 2017 from Sleep Review

Metamason’s Nasal Hybrid CPAP Mask Named CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree

Miia is a precisely fit respiratory mask for the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. Metamason’s proprietary software leverages 3D scans of each patient’s face that ensures the masks will be ‘uniquely yours.’. … (click headline for more)



Dateline: November 16, 2017 from KTUL

Does the weather make you S.A.D.?

Growing up we used to call it the winter blues but now it has a name: Seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D. It has more of an impact on some, and it can be severe with a significant impact on day-to-day activities.(click headline for more)




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