Sleep News Weekly || Nov 10, 2017: 12% of Jersey Transit diagnosed with sleep apnea, Bo Jackson snoozes, sleeping judges, more

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Transportation workers (too many) diagnosed with sleep apnea in New Jersey, is cold air good for sleeping babies?, more.; late teen’s mother speaks on drowsy driving, and more about how America (and the world) sleeps.

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Dateline: November 10, 2017 from Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Workers protest against labor law changes

Medical Industries Union chairperson Chen Yu-feng (陳玉鳳) said medical professionals are regularly overworked and sleep-deprived as they are rarely allowed proper rest time between shifts, and the amendment would worsen their working conditions. …Sleep-deprivation is similar to being drunk and medical professionals who lack sleep would be taking care of patients in a state similar to intoxication, Chen said.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 6, 2017 from WRAL (West Coast US)

Growing homeless camps contrast with West Coast tech wealth

Ellen Tara James-Penney, a lecturer at San Jose State University, has been sleeping out of a car for about a decade, ever since she lost her housing while an undergraduate at the school where she now teaches four English courses, a job that pays $28,000 a year. Home is an old Volvo. …’I’ve basically been homeless since 2007, and I’m really tired,’ she said. ‘Really tired.’ …She actually got her start in the high tech industry, before being laid off during the tech meltdown of the early 2000s. Like many who couldn’t find work, she went to college, accumulating tens of thousands of dollars in student debt along the way.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: November 9, 2017 from NBC Philadelphia

Dozens of NJ Transit Engineers Were Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea, Agency Says

More than 40 New Jersey Transit train engineers were sidelined after testing imposed in the wake of a deadly rail crash found that they suffered from sleep apnea, the agency said Wednesday following mandates instituted after the deadly crash in Hoboken last year.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 8, 2017 from Capital Gazette

Lisa VanBuskirk: New petition on school start times

The school board should pass a resolution to establish safe and healthy school hours for all children, in kindergarten through 12th grade, no later than the start of the school year two years after the resolution is passed. The resolution should be passed now and enacted by the 2019-2020 school year.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 6, 2017 from Chicago Tribune

Judges sleeping through evidence not cause for new trial, Illinois appeals court says

The appellate decision is tied to the case of spree killer Nicholas Sheley, who was on trial for four murders in Judge Jeffrey O’Connor’s western Illinois courtroom in 2014 when the lights were dimmed so the jury could watch security camera footage on a monitor. When the presentation ended, an assistant attorney general asked that the lights be turned back on, according to the ruling. The judge didn’t reply. …’Judge?’ the defense attorney asked, according to a transcript cited in the ruling. ‘Judge O’Connor?’ …’Judge could we get the lights back on?’ the assistant attorney general asked, approaching the bench. …’Hmm,’ O’Connor replied, according to a transcript. A clerk allegedly poked him awake. When it was suggested now was a good time to break for lunch, the judge agreed. ‘Excellent time,’ he said.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 9, 2017 from Broadway World

The Art Museum Presents ‘Figures Of Sleep’ Exhibition

Is sleep in crisis? Figures of Sleep, a major international exhibition, presented by the Art Museum from January 17 – March 3, 2018, considers the cultural anxieties around the collapsing biological function of sleep under economic, social and technological transformation.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 7, 2017 from Dr. Steven Park

Why Your Throat Hurts Before Your Monthly Periods [Podcast 42]

In this episode, Kathy and I will explain why some women have throat pain just before their periods. It’s guaranteed to leave your doctor stumped. Even you’re a man, you’ll find this information valuable for yourself or a loved one.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 3, 2017 from The War Eagle Reader

This footage of Bo Jackson snoozing before the 1986 Cotton Bowl vs. Texas A&M is the best

You hear Bo Jackson stories and you believe them, obviously, but at the same time… you know… people are prone to exaggeration. …Did he really sleep right up to game time? …Yes. At least he did before the 1986 Cotton Bowl, his last game as an Auburn Tiger.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 9, 2017 from American Association of Sleep Technology

What Is Narcolepsy?

With narcolepsy, your patient’s natural boundary between asleep and awake is blurred; therefore, sleeping characteristics may occur while they’re awake. Cataplexy is a good example. It’s REM sleep’s muscle paralysis during your patient’s waking hours. It will cause them to lose muscle tone that results in weakness of their legs, arms or face or a slack jaw. Patients with narcolepsy may experience paralysis and dream-like hallucinations as they’re waking up or falling asleep, as well as vivid nightmares and disrupted nighttime sleep.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 27, 2017 from The Kansas City Star

Mom of late teen delivers important message: Don’t drive sleepy

Many experts preach about the dangers of drunk driving to teenagers, but driving on too little sleep can be just as deadly. …Kerrie Warne knows. She lost her 18-year-old son Tyler in a 2010 accident that was attributed to drowsy driving. …Warne spoke to Harrisonville High School students Oct. 26 about the drowsy driving during a presentation sponsored by Students Against Destructive Decisions.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: November 6, 2017 from CBS New York

Researchers Developing Test To Detect Drowsiness In Drivers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more than 100,000 crashes a year are the result of driver fatigue. Now scientists in Britain are developing a system that analyzes a person’s voice to tell when they’re too tired to drive.(click headline for more)



Dateline: November 6, 2017 from Technology Networks

Screens Are Bad for Kids, if You Want Them to Sleep

With their brains, sleep patterns and even eyes still developing, children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the sleep-disrupting effects of screen time, according to a sweeping review of the literature published today in the journal Pediatrics. … (click headline for more)



Dateline: November 8, 2017 from Romper

Is Sleeping In Cold Weather Good For Babies? Experts Have The Answer

According to a BBC report, Nordic moms and dads regularly lay their babies down outside for a nap in below-freezing temperatures. The result, apparently, is a longer nap due to the inhalation of fresh air, which allows a deeper sleep. A Finnish study further backs up this particular claim, stating babies do, in fact, sleep longer in cold weather temperatures. The results may have had more to do with fresh air and less to do with the actual temperature of the air itself, though, as suggested by this study in the Journal of Sleep Research.(click headline for more)



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