Sleep News Weekly || Dec 22, 2017: Tips for sleep-deprived parents, sleep apnea cuff, mattress shopping, more

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Insomnia research in India; how to find the right bed: tips for mattress shopping; women’s poor sleep health linked to infertility; truckers push back on sleep apnea screening rules; and more about how America (and the world) sleeps.

NOTE: SHC’s “Sleep News Weekly” feature will be taking a holiday on Dec 29, 2017 and Jan 5, 2018. It will resume on Jan 12, 2018. Happy Holidays!

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Dateline: December 16, 2017 from Zawya (United Arab Emirates)

Parents in UAE are ‘BMI blind’ when it comes to their children

[Dr Prabhakar Patil, specialist pediatrician, Medcare Women and Children Hospital]… said that children with obesity can face problems like high blood pressure, asthma, liver problems, sleep apnea (which makes the child stop breathing for a short period during sleep), joint pain, back pain, increased risk of diabetes [mellitus].(click headline for more)




Dateline: December 17, 2017 from (Virginia)

VDOT rolls out unconventional messages in effort to stop deadly crashes

VDOT is using a unique sign campaign they hope will stop bad habits behind the wheel. One of the signs reads ‘driving drowsy could wreck the holidays.’ … (click headline for more)



Dateline: December 14, 2017 from Commercial Carrier Journal

OOIDA, FMCSA offer oral arguments in case over sleep apnea guidance

Attorneys for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association argued last month in court that the U.S. DOT illegally altered sleep apnea screening guidelines for truck drivers by slipping an appendix into larger rule after the public comment period had ended. … (click headline for more)



Dateline: December 18, 2017 from

Medical devices and the FDA—A sleep apnea surgeon’s perspective

Eric J. Kezirian, MD: “One of the most unique parts of my work as a physician/surgeon is my interaction with medical devices companies focused on the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.  My research on the selection of procedures for snoring and sleep apnea is directly relevant to these companies because there are many reasons why obstructive sleep apnea occurs in different people, making no single treatment perfect for all patients.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 18, 2017 from Business Insider 

meQuilibrium Enhances Digital Resilience Platform with Series of Modules to Improve Sleep, Work Performance and More

The newest modules focus on developing skills related to improving sleep, dealing with trauma and grief, and communicating more effectively at work, all areas that are particularly timely and necessary in a climate in which anxiety has reached unprecedented levels. By empowering users to acquire these essential skills, the updated resilience skills platform enhances individual resilience and builds more successful organizations.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 18, 2017 from The Cut 

How to Function at Work As a Sleep-Deprived New Parent

The U.S. mandates 12 weeks of unpaid leave for new parents, but a) that only applies to those employed by companies of 50 people or more, and b) it’s still a long time to go without a paycheck, and roughly a quarter of women go back to work within two weeks after giving birth. … (click headline for more)



Dateline: December 15, 2017 from Reuters

Sleep problems tied to female infertility

Women with sleep disorders other than sleep apnea may be more than three times as likely to experience infertility as their counterparts who don’t have trouble sleeping, a recent study suggests.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 15, 2017 from Scallywag and Vagabond

Twelve Important Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Mattress

Selecting the right mattress for a good nights sleep requires research, being on top of developments, and testing them out.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 14, 2017 from Alaska Sleep Education Center

Broken CPAP or BiPAP? Check out our guide to fixing and maintaining your machine

Sometimes your machine will break down at the most inconvenient time. Maybe your warranty has expired or it isn’t time yet for you to qualify for a replacement. There are steps you can take to try and troubleshoot machine malfunctions by yourself.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 19, 2017 from University of Michigan via EurekAlert

Some newborns with chronic illness show signs of serious sleep problems at birth

All 20 babies in the study had myelomeningocele, the most serious form of spina bifida, and each was diagnosed with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) right after birth, according to the team’s findings published in the Journal of Pediatrics. SDB, which includes conditions like sleep apnea, can prevent children from having healthy sleep critical to their growth, learning and behavior.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 18, 2017 from

Life’s Hassles May Give You Nightmares … Literally

People whose needs for independence, relatedness and feeling competent that weren’t being met felt more frustrated and had more nightmares or dreams featuring sad or angry emotions. When asked to interpret their dreams, these participants were more likely to use negative words than were people who felt their psychological needs were being met. The British study was published online recently in the journal Motivation and Emotion.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 18, 2017 from Halifax Citizen

Sleep apnea key symptom of rare disease

Acromegaly can take up to 15 years to diagnose.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 19, 2017 from The Sleep Zone

Traveling With CPAP

Many people choose not to travel with CPAP machines because they are not sure how to continue CPAP therapy while traveling. Even skipping one night without a CPAP machine can bring back exhausting sleep apnea symptoms. Excessive daytime sleepiness, migraines, irritability can all surge back after one skipped night.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 17, 2017 from Sleep Health

Insomnia in primary care—a study from India

Occasional or transient sleep disturbances are extremely common in the community with third of the population experiencing it any given time. The prevalence rates of insomnia in the general population vary widely, from 6% to 33%. A higher prevalence of insomnia has been reported from primary care settings with rates varying between 10–69%. Indian studies reporting on insomnia are sparse. Existing Indian studies are single center small studies reporting prevalence rates of 15–45%.(click headline for more)



Dateline: December 14, 2017 from Sensors Online

Wearable Sensors Detect Sleep Apnea

Dubbed APNEAband, the wearable component is said to provide accurate, real-time detection of sleep-apnea events caused by pauses in breathing or shallow breaths during sleep. It measures heart rate, variation in the time interval between heartbeats, oxygen saturation levels in the blood, and stress level. As a result, having recorded these four indicators helps physicians make a full and reliable medical diagnosis of sleep apnea. … (click headline for more)



Dateline: December 19, 2017 from 

Never worry about a power outage again

The Kodiak also allows people who use medical devices to again enjoy the mobile lifestyle they have been missing; for example, people who rely on CPAP machines for sleep apnea. ‘You can run your CPAP inside your RV… it will power your CPAP all night,’ [Inergy Solar CEO Sean] Luangrath said.(click headline for more)



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