Sleep in the Media || Shawn Stevenson: Hack Your Sleep (Podcast #286)

Here’s something you can listen to on your next road trip or commute to work. This podcast about sleep health is conversational, interesting and informative.

“Shawn Stevenson || Hack Your Sleep “ (51 minutes)
from The Art of Charm: Where Ordinary Guys become Extraordinary Men

Shawn Stevenson turned around a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease at the unusually young age of 20 by focusing on his sleep. Six weeks of quality sleep allowed him to lose 30 pounds and virtually eliminate his back pain. Now an activist for sleep health, he describes sleep as “a force multiplier” that not only improves energy levels, but improves productivity, enhances the function of the immune and endocrine systems, bolsters memory function and slows aging. Direct download here

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