SLEEP HYGIENE TIP OF THE WEEK: Get yourself some decent sheets!

We don’t talk often enough about bedding here at SHC, but the fact is, decent bedding, mattresses and pillows figure prominently into one’s ability to get quality sleep.

Let’s talk about sheets in January. Specifically, buying new ones. January, in case you didn’t already know, is a really great month to buy home linens.

Why should you buy new sheets?

Chances are, the sheets you have are worn out. That doesn’t mean they are perfectly soft. That means they are probably not staying on your bed, resulting in twisted piles of linen collected at one or more corners of the bed after a night of sleep.

If you have to totally remake your bed every night because the sheets have come off, it’s a sign that you either have a major movement disorder of sleep, or you were up all night with insomnia, or you have sheets that need replacing. (Maybe you have a wild sex life, but that is not the subject of this blog.)

If the elastics in your fitted sheets are loose, that’s your clue. If you have small tears in either sheet, it’s only a matter of time before they lengthen and become actual holes.

Sheets should be replaced after two years or as needed. If you have five-year-old sheets, you are likely overdue, regardless how much money you spent on that at point of sale.

So what are the best sheets for sleeping?

Buying sheets is a personal endeavor and what one person finds delightful in one kind of sheet may not be particularly cozy for another. However, posted this useful article about choosing sheets which should help you decide what works best for you.

Don’t forget, January is the month! Save yourself some cash while you’re at it… this way you can meet your new year’s resolution to sleep better AND save money at the same time!

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