If you struggle to fall asleep at night, but do not want to use pharmaceuticals, you may be convinced by some to take a melatonin supplement.

What people don’t know is that studies examining artificial melatonin’s safety and efficacy aren’t particularly conclusive.

This latest study referred to in a recent edition of the Huffington Post questions current dosages and warns that we may be doing more harm than good to our circadian rhythms by using artificial, “exogenous” supplements.

But it couldn’t hurt to eat a small snack that contains naturally occurring dietary melatonin, could it?

If you keep the snack small and low-fat and eat it just before bed. The snack ideas listed below may turn out to be the naturally safe and effective method you need to help you fall asleep. Or you may not… but trying these options couldn’t hurt.

Some of these edibles also supply small amounts of tryptophan or serotonin, which don’t directly increase melatonin production, but which help the body to better utilize the natural, “endogenous” melatonin that already exists.

Almonds ~ Bananas ~ Barley ~ Cheese and crackers ~ Goji berries ~ Milk ~ Oats ~ Oranges ~ Pineapple ~ Potatoes ~ Pumpkin ~ Raspberries  ~ Rice ~ Sour cherries ~ Sweet corn ~ Sweet potatoes ~ Tomatoes ~ Walnuts ~ Yogurt

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