Sleep Awareness Week: The restorative benefit of naps

Napping is not a sign of frailty or weakness, it’s a strategy for strengthening your cognition, balancing your mood, improving learning and memory retention, and being more productive.


Why napping is good for every age, not just babies and seniors

Naps aren’t something that people between the ages of 5 and 65 often think about, unless they are new parents.

While daytime sleepiness and frequent naps may be indicative of an undetected and/or untreated sleep disorder or other medical problem, the practice of napping during the day when you’re simply just tired now and again is a good practice.

What’s more, corporate America has figured out that napping at work actually helps their bottom line, and those of us who take naps when we feel we need them are less likely to get into a car accident or make mistakes at work.

On top of all this, napping can be extremely helpful for students of all ages in order to improve learning and memory.

Naps taken from time to time might just help some of us get through challenging times in our lives when anxiety, depression, and/or stress strike.

Here are some recent posts on the value of napping as a means for improved mental health, memory, and mood.

APR 20:
Is Daytime Napping in Adults Good or Bad?
Curator’s comment: In case you still think naps are not good for you.

APR 19: Raising Arizona Kids
University of Arizona study: Naps may help preschoolers learn
Curator’s comment:
I remember the old days when preschoolers were given nap time, but this isn’t actually the reality for many of our pre-kindergarten kids anymore.

APR 13: Restonic
Running on Empty? Nap Like a Champion to Improve Your Mood, Boost Your Memory AND Rock Your Productivity
Curator’s comment:
This blog post is a rich source of information on daytime napping for adults.

APR 5: Human Resources
Are “coffee naps” the next productivity hack?
Curator’s comment: I have done these myself and can attest that they work.

APR 1: The Sun
The key to happiness? Taking a power nap ‘boosts your mood and productivity’
Curator’s comment:
 Naps will absolutely make you feel better, both physically and emotionally.

MAR 30: Value Walk
What Happens To Your Body When You Take A Nap? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Curator’s comment:
 A terrific resource from a surprising source.

MAR 20: Asia Times
The power of a power nap
Curator’s comment:
 Productivity depends on well-rested employees.

FEB 13: San Diego Union Tribune
The benefits of napping
Curator’s comment: 
Dr. Sara Mednick is a sleep research at UC Riverside as well as the author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life. Her lab studies the benefits of napping for improved memory and functioning. Listen to her.

FEB 9: The Science of Us
Some Lucky Teens Can Now Join School-Sponsored ‘Nap Clubs’
Curator’s comment:
 If you think teens don’t need naps during the day… think again.

JAN 7: PsyBlog
The Best Nap Time For Big Mental Health Boost
Curator’s comment:
 Maybe we’re sleepy after lunch because we’re supposed to nap? Just a theory.

No date: National Sleep Foundation
5 Ways to Make Napping Easier
Curator’s comment:
 Some people need naps but struggle to achieve them… here are some tips.


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It makes zero sense to shortchange yourself sleep!

Sleep is as necessary to good health as water, sunshine, movement, and nutrition. Without sleep, humans become chronically ill and can even die. Don’t skimp on sleep. If you’re losing sleep, for whatever reason, think about why and what you can do to make a healthy change.

Good sleep can help prevent illness, relieve symptoms of illnesses, ease pain, improve mood, and keep you safe from accidents caused by sleep deprivation.

This week, we’re be sharing some different ideas about how sleep can impact your mental health as part of our 4 Ms theme, focusing on mind, mood, memory, and mental health.

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