Shedding light on the dark side of personal sleep technology

Technology is mostly of benefit to us, but it can also be hacked or part us with our hard-earned money unnecessarily. Buyer beware.


Here are some things about sleep technology (and health technology in general) which you might not have considered:

FEB 20 || 8 On Your Side
8 On Your Side: Sleep gadgets that aren’t worth your money
“We asked Dr. Lara Whittine, who is the Medical Director at the Florida Hospital Tampa Sleep Lab, to review some of the newer products on the market, as well as some well-known sleep aids.”

FEB 17 || STAT News
When Obamacare falls, could your Fitbit be used to deny you insurance?
“If Obamacare were repealed, as Republicans have vowed to do, corporate partnerships like this one with United Healthcare and Fitbit could pave the way for insurance companies to use fitness tracker data to deny coverage or hike up rates for consumers.”

FEB 17 || Straight Dope
Do fitness trackers pose a privacy risk?
“…I don’t care if my employer knows I ride my bike 50 miles a week, but could they know if someone was at the bar until 2 AM?…”

FEB 5 || CIO
Why the ‘smart’ employee trend should worry us
“mart wearable technology continues to pervade every aspect of life, giving new opportunities, and dangers, for employers to abuse their workers.”

FEB 2 || Wareable
We read your wearable tech’s terms and conditions so you don’t have to
“Just what did you sign up to when you clicked ‘Agree’ without reading them?”

OCT 24, 2016 || Health Central
The Dangers of Using Sleep Trackers for Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders
“Those with insomnia are already concerned about their sleep. Using a device that presents data that’s potentially worse than they suspected (regardless of accuracy) can increase sleep anxiety, making sleep more difficult.”

FEB 29, 2016 || LifeHacker
Is Your Sleep Tracker Keeping You Up at Night?
“Paying too much attention to the sleep apps then becomes just another form of clock-watching.”

SEPT 7, 2014 || Big Medium
Smart watches, wearables, and that nasty data rash
da•ta rash \ˈdātə ˈrash\, n. an irritating or unsightly eruption of information on the wrist or other site of wearable technology.”

OCT 8, 2013 || Psychology Today
Sleep Cycle App: Precise or Placebo?
when a friend told me that he only feels refreshed after (according to his sleep-tracking app) eight REM cycles, I got a little skeptical, given the average person will only experience four or five REM periods per night.”

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