SHC does not review or accept unsolicited content, so stahhhp!

SHC has never entertained unsolicited pitches from marketing agents, freelance writers or anyone else offering up sleep-centered content of any kind.

Yet, SHC receives literally dozens of unsolicited offers WEEKLY.

Please stop spamming the SHC email inbox with offers of any kind; SHC already has a bottomless supply of far higher quality content at its disposal.

When SHC does work with outside content, it only comes in the form of solicited guest posts from board-certified and credentialed healthcare professionals with whom SHC has real-world relationships.

Also, please be reminded: SHC is a staff of one with a rich built-in support system within the sleep medicine and healthcare industry. SHC doesn’t need or want the “help” of independent marketing interests. Your constant carpetbombing of the SHC email inbox or social media access points is a huge waste of time for all involved.

SHC will never say yes to what you have to offer. To do so would run afoul of the SHC agenda and mission and addressing such a large amount of unsolicited inquiries ties up staff resources better spent serving the urgent interests of its readership.

in email and social media will be ignored;
tenacious ones will be blocked/reported as spam.

[Curator: I’m not sure how much more clear I can make this.]

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