SHC launches MIDSUMMER NIGHTS, devoted to dreams and nightmares

Take a look inside other people's dreams and nightmares

Introducing Vitamin ZZZ, Summer 2018 edition, theme “MIDSUMMER NIGHTS.” Whether it’s been a too-hot summer or you’re a fan of Shakespeare’s infamous play, these poems and works of prose will shine a light on the world we inhabit in our sleep.

Introducing Vitamin ZZZ, Spring 2018 edition, theme “MIDSUMMER NIGHTS.” From dreams and nightmares to how we sleep when we travel, to sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep paralysis and beyond… this collection of poems and personal prose captures the challenges and rewards of sleep during hot summer months. Writing about living with sleep disorders and how travel intersects with sleep are also on tap.

Many thanks to Vitamin ZZZ‘s generous contributors: Terri Elders, Meg Freer, Michael Anthony Istvan Jr, Diane Kendig, Joan Mazza, Lorri McDole, Deonte OsayandeCarol Smallwood, Mary Ellen Talley, Ann Tweedy, Phyllis Wax, Vani Alana Winick, and Laura Madeline Wiseman. Also, welcome back to writers Elya Braden, Emily Rose Cole, Judy Kronenfeld, Bill McCloud, Elaine Reardon and Sally Zakariya, who previously contributed to the first or second issues of Vitamin ZZZ in 2018. A special gratitude goes out to those most stalwart sleep scribes appearing yet again, whose work was published in our original effort in July 2017: Larry Blazek and Marion Cohen.

Please read and share widely. People who have sleep problems, who deal with others’ sleep problems, or work in the field of sleep medicine will appreciate it! THANK YOU FOR READING AND SHARING… ENJOY! ~ Curator Tamara Sellman

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