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water-drippingSHC has captured some great links since it reported on the state of sleep deprivation in the workforce.

Human resource management, economics and employee sleep health

2.13.2017 || Small Business UK
Most HR staff are kept awake thinking about work

2.14.2017 || Huffington Post Canada
The Sleep Science Doesn’t Lie: Well-Rested Workers Are Better Employees

2.15.2017 || Bloomberg
Lost Sleep Is Costing Japan’s Economy Billions: Japan loses up to $138 billion a year, study finds

Full-time parenting and poor sleep

2.13.2017 || Babble
This simple tip from a mom of 8 helped me survive sleep deprivation

2.14.2017 || Reuters
Worrying about your grown kids really can keep you up at night

2.15.2017 || PopSugar
This Mom Was Living a Nightmare For 3 Years Until She Took Her Baby to “Sleep School”

2.17.2017 || Quartz
Economists quantified what sleep deprivation does to mothers’ pay and productivity

On-the-job performance and sleep deprivation

1.30.2017 || Poker News
Sleep Better, Play Better: How Sleep Affects Your Poker

2.15.2017 || Harvard Business Review
Sleep-Deprived Judges Dole Out Harsher Punishments

2.16.2017 ||
Working from Home Risks

Transportation and public safety

2.4.2017 || The Meadville Tribune
FULL STORY: Truck driver killed in accident on Interstate 79

2.9.2017 || Forbes
Until Self-Driving Cars Go Mainstream, How Can Businesses Protect Workers From Crashes?

2.13.2017 || CBS Austin
Furniture truck driver causes crash after falling asleep, hitting sign on SH 45

2.15.2017 || The St. Augustine Record
Common Truck Accident Causes When Commercial Truck Drivers Are At Fault

2.15.2017 || WSET
Police: Tractor trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel causing crash on I-81

2.16.2017 || Herald-News
Trucker sentenced to 10 years in prison for crash that killed 5

Job-related stress management and sleep deprivation

2.1.2017 || Yorkshire Evening Post
Driver fell asleep at wheel and killed 81-year-old widow

2.13.2017 || Entrepreneur
Rough Day at Work? Exercise and Sleep Are the Best Ways to Shake It Off

2.13.2017 || HRM Online
Is workplace stress causing your employees to lash out at home?

Caregiving professionals and sleep debt

2.1.2017 || Daily Nurse
8 Essential Sleep Tips for Shift Workers

2.6.2017 || STAT News
How do young doctors find balance after a 28-hour workday?

2.10.2017 || Sioux City Journal
Sleep deprivation contributes to medical errors, affects health care workers’ health

2.11.2017 || KevinMD
Your doctors may be lying about how long they worked today

2.16.2017 || Your Erie
Police: Ambulance driver says she fell asleep at wheel in deadly accident

Sleep deprivation and military personnel

2.17.2017 || Stars & Stripes Okinawa
Can You Get a Good Night’s Sleep in the Military?


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