News drip: More news reports on personal sleep technology

water-drippingSHC has captured some great links since it reported on the consumer sleep technology last month.


3.23.2017 || Indian Express
FastTrack makes its debut in the smart wearable segment with ‘Reflex’

3.8.2017 || Inside Edition
Ultimate Wearable: Harvard Grads Invent Device That Claims to Guide Workouts Based on Sleep (includes news video)

3.7.2017 || Consumer Reports
Has Fitbit Discovered the Secret to Sleep Tracking?

3.2.2017 || Signs of the Times
Light therapy headgear: The cutting edge in the treatment of brain diseases

3.2.2017 || Wareable
Fitness trackers are being used to study how elephants sleep

2.18.2017 || Straits Times
Fitness: Tips to pick a fitness tracker that suits your needs

2.17.2017 || ABC 2 News
The Next Big Tech: Hearables

2.2017 || Vest
What You Don’t Know About Wearable Tech Radiation Exposure

Gadgets & Devices

3.11.2017 || Daily Mail
The gadget of your dreams: The Resmed S+ is the most accurate sleep tracker on the market (unfortunately for me!)

3.9.2017 || Refinery29
These White Noise Machines Could Change The Way You Sleep

Sleep Tracking Apps

3.9.2017 || Daily Utah Chronicle
Sleep Cycle: Improving Sleep Quality, Not Just Hours in Bed

3.2.2017 || NBC News
Is Your Sleep Tracking App Keeping You Up All Night?

3.1.2017 ||
Celebrating the first anniversary of our SleepHealth App and Study!

2.27.2017 || Consumer Affairs
New app lets you know when your internal battery needs charging

2.6.2017 || Express
Tinnitus treatment: Therapy during SLEEP can reduce ringing in ears

2.3.2017 || Healthier/Spoon University
I Tried Three Sleep Apps to See if They Actually Made Me Feel Rested

Sleep Technology & Sleep Hygiene

3.10.2017 || South Florida Reporter
How Technology Is Changing The Way You Sleep

2.15.2017 || Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine
Orthosomnia: Are Some Patients Taking the Quantified Self Too Far? (abstract)

Smart Pillows & Beds

3.8.2017 || Sleep Review
Xen Pillow 3MC for Neck Pain Relief

3.4.2017 || Forbes
CryoUSA Debuts New light Therapy Bed At NFL Combine

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